Pouring whisky on iceWhisky on ice.Pouring Amarula on ice.Pouring whisky on icePouring Champagne in glass.Pouring Legend Beer in glass.Pouring Harp Beer in glass. Pouring Windhoek Lager in glass.Harp Beer glass.Guinness head CUDalla Cia 10 year old Grappa.Swirling Vin de Constance.Swirling Paul Blanck Riesling in aglass.swirling 2005 Stormhoek Chenin.Swirling Paul Blanck Pinot in a glass.swirling 2007 Tamboerskloof SyrahVawter Sparkling shooterEva Water, Nigeria.Foundry Cider.King's lager.Coca Cola bottle in Ice.1857 Gilbeys GinHarp beer bottle set in iceSmirnoff Iced VodkaSmirnoff .Coconut and pineappleFruit collision 1Listerine Zero and Splash.A drop in the ocean.Cheers!